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elle • brazo derecho del atún
20 July 2009 @ 12:01 am
This time years ago, I was terrified. I was two weeks into the scariest part of my life yet: my first year away from the place I grew up and was therefore (however begrudingly) familiar with. I didn't know what I was doing; I'd hardly saved any money; I couldn't find a job.

However, I was on the eve of the first and only Harry Potter release party I'd ever attended. Borders, downtown, midnight. July 20th (though, technically, July 21st), 2007.

Before all of that, though, there was a girl.

Back in the good ol' days (lol) of GreatestJournal, I ended up posting to and browsing the animeaddme community. And I found this one post that I couldn't quite ignore, and I wasn't even quite sure why. Of course, since GJ bit the dust several months ago and silly me forgot to save it, I no longer have the post. I do, however, have my comment on it, as well as the reply.

pekori: FAKE, puppyshipping, Depeche Mode. Squee~ I want to add you even though we wholly disagree on Stephen King. Add backs? (We're also the same age and that sort of surprised me because everyone I meet (not even just here!) is always younger than I am XD)

vicious_lullaby: Ahhh, fellow puppyshipper?! ♥♥ I really don't care what your opinion on King is; if you're a puppyshipper we will get along. xD; Especially since you also like FAKE and Depeche Mode~~.

You're added. ♥

I am pretty sure I've told this story zillions of times, reposted those words just as many, but... they're important. They were the launchpad for what's become one hell of a fucking journey. (I sort of feel like I've had a bit too much of Mr Saturn's coffee/Tenda Tea - and, I promise, you will understand that soon, love.)

At this point, I could get into the gritty details. I could talk about all of our plans, and how they've changed, evolved, broken and been rebuilt into something entirely new (and yet still very much the same) over all of this time. I could get into all of our countless all-night gigglefests over bondage bakeshops, Gundam Soup with Nappo, and the rules of Kubo edition Scrabble. I could also just sit here and copy and paste months' - years' - worth of conversations over AIM and let those do all of the talking for us (because the phone calls have been filled with so many laughs I would not know where to begin). I think, though, that it's best if I just try using my own.

It feels like so much longer than two years. We know this; we've talked about it. It doesn't make it all any less surreal, though. That two people could just stumble upon each other like that, at such a seemingly random time. That, of all the horrible things that happened to me and around me during and because of that time, I would still do all of it again.

Because it gave me you.

And I know you are why I was meant to go there. You are why I am meant to be here.

I hope this all sounds crazy. I want everyone to know just how crazy I am for you. How crazy I have been for you. How crazy I always will be for you. Because you are mine, you always have been mine, and you always will be mine.

If there is anyone who could get me to believe in reincarnation again, it is you — there is absolutely no way I have not known you for eons longer than just a simple two years. And there is absolutely no way I could ever love you enough in just this one lifetime.

So, what I've got here for you is, at best, a crossection of our life together. In some ways, it's a little out of order. Then again, even that is sometimes more than fitting. They're words that describe how I feel as well as how I've felt, so there is a lot of love, courage, friendship and gratitude, but there are also hints of fear and pain, because, well, we both know that this has been anything but easy. And maybe this all seems thrown together, maybe the transitions are clumsy and the story makes no sense (not enough vowels, clearly ♥). But...it says a lot of things I don't trust myself to say properly, too. And I hope that they do.

But, mostly, I hope you know that I love you. And that there is nothing I am looking forward to more than next month and you in my arms. Except, maybe, all of the rest of the days I get to have you there after that. ♥

You know what? There was no need for me to Rickroll you. How did we defeat the undefeatable? XD
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Harmony: this is our fate; I'm yours <3
elle • brazo derecho del atún
I don't care what has been said about him,
Thriller is one of my favorite fucking records in the whole world.

And for everyone just focusing on Michael, you know what? Farrah Fawcett died today, too. And Ed McMahon died two days ago.

Celebrities like to drop dead all at once. It's almost like they're vying for first place even then.

That is an evil, cynical thing for me to say. Sorry.
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elle • brazo derecho del atún
So I got out of bed, was eating something before work, and the local news was on.

And then I choked.

How many of you remember "metrosexual"? You know, those guys who like to preen and primp and look nice. Lotions for their faces and hands and what have you. In the words of our dear Governator, "GIRLY MEN."

Well, Japan has apparently coined their own word for them.

Something that would make Kyouya Hibari very proud indeed.
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elle • brazo derecho del atún
No matter what language you speak, you've probably come across words or phrases in another language that sound better than their equivalents in your native tongue. What's your favorite word or phrase in a foreign language?

I love the word "tokidoki" in Japanese because it is so fun to say. It means "sometimes." But I really like Japanese in general because they have a lot of single words to describe things that take an entire phrase in English. While their grammar is totally crazy inefficient sometimes, they make up for it by having awesome words that we cannot even hope to duplicate in English.

In French, the first word to come to mind is "papillion" - "butterfly" (not the dog, though they are cute). However, I also really like the word "pamplemousse" ("grapefruit") and "ananas" ("pineapple").

There are probably zillions more that I'm just not even thinking of right now because I lovelovelovelovelooove languages and pretty much want to learn them all (yes, really) so I'm always finding words I love in all kinds of languages.

This question is awesome. I have decided that today is a good day.
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elle • brazo derecho del atún
01 June 2009 @ 10:39 pm
It's the first day of the month. If you could have one wish come true this month, what would it be?

That I could fucking win a fucking auction for a fucking EarthBound player's guide that I should fucking have in the fucking first place.
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elle • brazo derecho del atún
18 May 2009 @ 03:56 pm
Have you ever met or known someone who has the same name as you (first and last) but is not a relative?

No, but there is a relatively famous English actor with the same name as one of my younger brothers. He often plays the romantic lead, which is doubly confusing, as my brother is, in general, a reclusive, asexual jerk.

Also, this has absolutely nothing to do with Writer's Block, but i didn't want to double post:


If this happens, and Japan wins wins the bid for the 2016 Olympics (because we are not all dying in 2012, stfu Y2Kers with nothing better to panic about), we are fucking going. Because a LIFE-SIZE GUNDAM will be AMAZING. Of course, it's predicted to be finished sometime in July, so i should be going then, except all the Gundam fanboys will want to be going then, so i'll hold off a little while because Tokyo is crowded enough as it is oi. BUT SERIOUSLY. OMG. MY DREAMS ARE SLOWLY COMING TRUE.
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elle • brazo derecho del atún
10 May 2009 @ 07:35 pm
Who is your favorite mother (the character, not the actress) from television or the movies?

My favorite Mother is this one.

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elle • brazo derecho del atún
06 May 2009 @ 04:18 pm
Threeee years ago? No, way more than that. Like, five years ago. LKSFkj Let me look this up...

YES five years ago on May 17th, just one day after my eighteenth birthday, gay marriage was legalized in Massachusetts.

Today, ten days before my twenty-third birthday (wtf old), this grand~* state I live in has finally caught up, following not only Massachusetts, but Connecticut and Vermont. We're still waiting on New Hampshire and Rhode Island, but I'm pretty sure the former is going to cave looong before the latter because RI is sort of notoriously cranky about everything. (Napoleon complex maybe?)

At any rate, good job Maine. For once. x_X;

I bet Charlie Howard would have been proud, or at the very least incredibly excited.
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elle • brazo derecho del atún
30 April 2009 @ 08:02 pm
Are you worried about catching the swine flu? Do you have a plan for avoiding contagion or dealing with quarantine?

lol I was just about to update about this ANYWAY, so.

No, I am not worried about catching the swine flu. I have only ever caught the regular flu ONCE in my entire almost 23 years of life.

My plan for avoiding contagion (is that a word? Google Chrome isn't red-line-of-deathing me, so) is to do what I have always done - stay the fuck away from people. I don't like touching; I don't like to be touched. That's prooobably why I never get sick (well, that and my immune system is godly).

However, this all leads up to how there have been two confirmed cases in Lowell, Massachusetts (which is sort of nearish to Boston) and those are the first two confirmed cases in New England. My mother also forwarded me this Plan of Action™ from the local schools to deal with anything that might end up further north and stuff.

Whatever. This shit is crazy. It's just one more thing telling us that the world is over-populated and we need to go back to using, you know, what has worked for millions and millions of years:


edited for genius

song chart memes
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elle • brazo derecho del atún
26 April 2009 @ 03:40 am
Thank you for being a friend, Bea Arthur.

And for being a surrogate grandmother, and a wonderful role model to so, so many of us.
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